Q and A

I will list students’ questions and answers here.

  1. Do we have a Zoom meeting on the first day of class? No. You need to download Google Duo and we will communicate one-to-one about the class. You need a gmail account. You need to email me at jameen@riohondo.edu and give me a day and time you want to talk. I also need you to email me your phone number.
  2. My (a student) commitments have changed, can I talk with you at a different time that is not the class times? Yes. We can work together to come up with times that work for you.
  3. I am (a student) very nervous about public speaking. What should I do to pass the class? When we talk one-to-one, I will answer this question and reduce or eliminate your stress. Anything that is new is going to be difficult to understand. Most people avoid public speaking. Therefore, public speaking is new and uncomfortable. Hopefully, after this class is over, and you receive your grade, you will see public speaking as a natural process of learning how to communicate better in various situations. This is a skill you will need for the rest of your life.
  4. Can I (the student) start the class early? Yes. 
  5. When are the assignments due? I (the student) do not see due dates on the website when assignments are due. Answer: I will work with you regarding when your assignments are due. Talk with me early in the semester. Try to complete your assignments early in the semester so you will not be stressed toward the end of the semester. Students who wait too long to complete their assignments will receive a low final grade. 
  6. What parts of Canvas should I be focusing on? My emails to all students. We will use my website and our one-to-one communication during the semester. 
  7. What about our grades on the speeches and our final grade? Your final grade is not determined until you complete all of the assignments. Why? I teach as a process of learning, not through fear.
  8. Can I change my topic later in the semester before I give a speech? Yes. You need to email me and tell me the new topic. Then, we need to talk about your new outline and research regarding that new topic.