Public Speaking Speech Outline Examples

James Ameen

Please read this short paragraph BEFORE reading the speech outline examples:

These five speech outline examples may help you organize your five separate typed speech outlines. Since I refer to them each semester, I did not make hyper-links where you just click on the links and they open up in your browser. The reason for this is that the links’ addresses change and I will refer to the most recent links. Regarding your five speeches, you can provide hyper-links or I can copy and paste them into my browser as you present your speeches to me. Remember, you need at least three research-based sources for each speech and they can be websites and/or videos. If you are using  videos, choose the best two-minutes or less parts of the videos that best explain your points. Your speeches are 15 minutes or longer. Please do not show long videos that are more than two minutes and please keep your videos to less than half of your speech. I will guide you through this process.

Speech Example # 1 : Traveling lessons learned


Creative opening: I will share my traveling experiences.

Preview (and purpose or thesis statement): I want to share with you my lessons learned from traveling domestically and internationally and pass on this knowledge that may be of use to you.

Sources incude: REI, TSA, AAA, Eurail, Britrail, You Tube videos about border patrol and traveling scams. After I mention the link, input the link in your browser.


1. If possible, avoid heavy luggage, travel with a carry-on, only, whether it be a backpack or small suitcase.

A. Pack light, with “quick-dry” clothes–usually polyester or nylon–that can be washed in a clean sink or bathtub and can dry quickly in a warm room.

B. REI (as examples) have website links that reveal light, yet durable, quick-dry travel gear and back-packs that fit your body type. (Think “layers of clothes” that pack easily rather than heavy or bulky clothes.)

C. Regarding the backpack, choose one that fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane (i.e., so you do not have to check it in all the time); that is, comfortable, and made for your body type and size (e.g., a 6’0″ man, at 200 pounds, would have a different backpack compared to a 5’0″, 100 pound woman).

D. In my view, shoes and socks are the most difficult issue; spend a lot of time finding the best water-proof (or Gore-Tex) shoes, insoles, and socks that do not give you problems when you walk–like blisters.

E. Explore the REI website and links for men and for women; go to an REI store and try wearing the gear; and save money by watching the stores’ on-line sales.

Transition–In addition to personal behaviors we can do to prepare for travel, like having simple ways to pack light, we can also consult a travel agency.

2. If necessary, consult a respectable and licensed travel agency for travel advice and “less expensive” travel options.

A. AAA, for example, offers travel advice at their offices.

B. Eurail (Europe) and Britrail (British) train passes, for example, are insured through AAA; this is important, because, if you lose your pass, you can replace it with a new one at a Eurail or Britrail office in Europe.

C. Eurail and Britrail passes are NOT sold in Europe.

Transition–Most importantly, keep in mind the issues that are out-of-our-control regarding travel.

3. Check important websites for travel guidelines.

A. The TSA website, and border control documentaries on You Tube, reveal what you can and cannot pack; there are severe penalties for carrying illegal items. (MJ is illegal at the border, despite it being a medicinal legal drug.)

B. Check credible, travel websites regarding safety and health: weather, currency, security, vaccines, etc.; this is important, because, some vaccines, for example, involve a six-month process.

C. Do not travel in extreme weather and avoid dangerous and potentially very expensive situations.

D. Try and travel during comfortable dates and reduce stress (e.g., travel to Northern Europe in the summer, and Southern Europe in fall, winter or spring; or Canada in the summer and Latin cultures in the fall, winter or spring, etc.)

E. All of us should educate ourselves about the REAL ID, new passports, and any other documents that we need to have before we travel.

F. Hide your belongings well on your body or in your back-pack; scammers will take your valuable belongings that are in plain sight.

G. In my opinion, everyone should watch Scam City (on You Tube) before traveling.

Conclusion (creative summary): I will explain how this information has applied to my daily lifestyle. For example, avoiding scams was primary, rather than worrying about knowing different languages. I may refer, again, to the You Tube videos about border patrol/control and Scam City.

Example # 2 : The importance of a colonoscopy


Creative opening: Everyone should have a colonoscopy by the time he or she is 50 years old. I will tell my story regarding this subject.

Preview (and purpose or thesis statement): Colonoscopy preparation is very important for the surgery procedure to be effective.

Sources: Videos will be shown that reveal a colonoscopy procedure, an example of a bad preparation for the procedure, and how to prepare properly for the procedure. After I mention the link, input the link in your browser.


  1. I will explain a colonoscopy through a doctor’s video.

A. Notice that the polyp is fully formed and must be cut out.

B. The polyp will be taken out and analyzed if it is cancerous/malignant or benign/non-cancerous.

Transition: A proper procedure must have the exact preparation. As you can see, the colon needs to be entirely cleaned out. Therefore, the preparation is extremely important.

2. If a patient is not willing to fast–or not eat or drink (except water or clear ginger ale)–for the previous 24 hours, the surgery may not be completed.

A. The “prep” requires a person to drink a liquid medicine given by the doctor the day before the surgery. It can be taken with a clear ginger ale to decrease the bad taste of the medicine.

B. Even though the medicine tastes like chalk or cement, it will clear a person’s intestines and colon for a proper procedure.

C. I will show a video of a person who did not follow the correct preparation procedure and therefore wasted the time of the doctors’ and nurses’ time–and this can be very expensive.

Conclusion: In the second video I showed, it is revealed that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer behind lung cancer. To ensure less pain in the future,  a colonoscopy must be done before or near your 50th birthday.

Example # 3: Overpopulation and a family planning solution 


Creative opening: Look at how many people are being born each second (U.S. Census).

Preview (and purpose or thesis statement): Overpopulation can be related to our sustainable resources, and these resources are not capable of sustaining human growth; therefore, I will be advocating vasectomies for men who do not want to have children or have had enough children.

Sources: Census Time Clock, a video on how robots are slowly being used as “employees” to replace human employees, and a medical computer illustration video regarding a vasectomy procedure. After I mention the link, input the link in your browser.


  1. Overpopulation is related to a massive amount of people in need of sustainable resources.

A. Do we have enough resources to sustain human growth?

B. With more competition for jobs, will there be enough high-paying jobs for everyone?

C. With billions of people competing for jobs, will low paying jobs be equal or greater than inflation given by the very rich and powerful? Will they just replace expensive humans with robots who work for free and do not make demands or complain?

(I will show videos about how this “robot-world” is a reality where employees are replaced with robots. I will probably show a video from Wal-Mart, a video from Loews, and an Amazon warehouse video.)

D. With the improvement of health care and technology, we may be living longer; are we able to keep the entire population healthy to eliminate diseases and illnesses?

E. Are we willing to change to natural resources for our energy consumption (i.e., solar, wind, and sea power)?

F. Will our change to natural resources, like solar power, eliminate the land, air and water pollution distributed by billions of people?

Transition: These are questions that we need to ask; especially, if we choose to have more and more children. So many children are in foster care or need safe adoptions to healthy homes, or they are very poor in developing countries.

2. One solution is to persuade men to have a vasectomy when they do not want children or have had too many children.

A. This gives men the responsibility to choose a less expensive way of birth control compared to relying on women to control birth control.

B. You Tube has many videos that reveal the vasectomy procedure as safe and effective (e.g., I will play a medical computer illustration video and I will NOT play the actual procedure).

C. How does this solution work in developing countries?

Conclusion: Men, consider this request; women, tell your significant others, who are men, to consider this option.

Example # 4: PTSD related to military veterans 


Opening: I will explain why the Veterans Administration must focus on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. About 20 military men/women or veterans commit suicide everyday. I will show examples of websites that report this statistic.

Preview (or purpose/thesis): PTSD can apply to anyone who has been through a traumatic event and cannot function normally because of the trauma associated with the event. Therefore, it is important to focus on the help that is available for the person suffering from PTSD. I will focus on help for military veterans. This might be helpful for people who know a military veteran who may have PTSD.

Sources: Veterans Administration (VA) website regarding PTSD links, Make the Connection video website, and You Tube videos regarding military and veterans’ groups that may be helping them. After I mention the link, input the link in your browser.


  1. The VA website has a PTSD center website link that is helpful to understand PTSD.

A. The website focuses on the signs, symptoms, and help that a veteran can have at the VA.

B. The website has a link for both the patient and the practitioner.

Transition: Now that we understand PTSD, we can try to understand the complexity of the issue.

2. The VA’s Make the Connection website videos reveal veterans who did obtain ongoing help from the VA and are feeling empowerment over their PTSD.

A. Notice how the veterans are feeling hope by getting help.

B. Notice that the veterans are feeling more positive about the future rather than being overcome by PTSD.

C. I will play one or more You Tube videos concerning military or veterans maintaining their mental health while trying to overcome PTSD.

Conclusion: PTSD may be a new mental illness to humanity. It will lead to either suicide or a lifetime of painful mental illnesses such as clinical depression. Concerning military veterans, there exists VA PTSD centers to help them cope. This therapy may last a lifetime, but it is worth it compared to a lifetime of suffering.

Example #5–Sometimes, an important issue is not brought to our attention until famous actors make a movie drama about the issue. 

Opening: I will be trying to show how important issues are not recognized fully until famous actors make a movie (or drama) about the issue.

Preview (purpose/thesis): Famous actors need to put aside their fame and help humanity and the planet by being willing to participate in making a movie or drama that brings light to an important societal or environmental topic.

Sources: movie trailers including Head Games, NFL League of Denial, Blood Diamonds, and The Big Short. I will list many other types of dramas through the use of movie trailers. After I mention the link, input the link in your browser.


  1. The issue of concussions, bringing on early onset dementia, is important to understand.

A. PBS documentary–NFL League of Denial reveals the violence of football and former NFL athletes suing the NFL for medical care.

B. The documentary Head Games reveals the concussion issue related to children.

C. The movie Concussion focuses on these issues in movie or drama form which brings to light these important issues.

D. The movie became popular with the help of the main actor Will Smith.

E. This issue has convinced me that I do not have to feel bad that I did not choose to keep playing violent and contact sports.

Transition–In addition to this issue, the child labor regarding the diamond industry is important to understand.

2. The issue of child slave labor in Africa reveals that thousands of children are forced against their will to find diamonds, and other “precious” minerals, in very hazardous conditions. 

A. The movie Blood Diamonds brings to light the severity of this issue.

B. The movie became popular with the help of the main actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

C. The movie is very violent to reach out to audiences that prefer action thrillers to other forms of entertainment, like documentaries; otherwise, this audience may not pay attention to the issue.

D. This issue has convinced me NOT to buy any precious jewels like diamonds.

Transition–The great recession of 2008 influenced the world-wide economy in negative ways and placed many people in poverty.

3. The great recession of 2008 needs to be brought to our attention so this recession does not happen again; wherein, the very rich in the mortgage industry became even more rich, but millions of poor people became even more poor due to the mortgage industry scams. 

A. The movie The Big Short reveals famous actors making a brilliant movie wherein the actors are portraying mortgage company personalities and language to scam the American public.

B. Notice how the movie is like a docu-drama wherein the movie stops at certain points in the film and allows the actors to explain the fraud that is going on so the audience will be more educated about the crisis while it is happening in real time.

C. This issue has convinced me that very rich people can manipulate the economy to make themselves more rich and, as a result, ruin the lives of the poor.

Conclusion ( My attempt is to motive the audience to watch specific dramas to understand social issues. )

Whether we agree or disagree how Hollywood movies are directed and produced, it is respectable that actors will use their talents to educate people about a crisis, through dramas rather than documentaries, when normally we would not pay attention to the issue.

Other examples I could mention in the body of this speech–if it were a longer speech:

Atypical (tv series concerning Autism)

The Gift (movie about adult bullying)

A Girl Like Her (movie about teenage bullying)

To the Bone (movie about eating disorders)

Good Kill (concerning the problem with military drone accuracy)

Black Mirror tv episodes (possible future negative outcomes if we continue to rely on social media to judge people we do not know)

Heal the living (French movie about organ donation),

Hell on Wheels (racism, sexism, and violence among the first USA railway workers and bosses)

TV series concerning the consequences of greed: Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Ozark.

Lord of Wars is a film about how the weapons industry sells weapons to both the enemy and the ally, and how we must be in a constant state of fear and war in order for the weapons industry to make billions/trillions of dollars.

The Last Face reveals the constant state of emergency, fear, and death in which Doctors Without Borders face within the constant need for war against the poor.

Manhunt: Unabom and Mindhunter are two movies that reveal how the FBI changed from just law enforcement activities to psychological and linguistic inquires. This change involved focusing on interviewing the serial killer or lifer and trying to understand why they committed such violent crimes. These two movies are excellent examples of how a person’s childhood experiences effects his/her future violent behaviors.

Kingdom is a tv drama series on Netflix that tries to reveal the passion of MMA fighters, and how difficult it is to be a champion fighter while trying to maintain successful relationships. These fighters give up their bodies for the sport, and also are willing to risk the stability of their closest relationships to maintain their brutal training.

Shameless is a tv drama series on Netflix that is about how gentrification breaks down a poor family’s stability. As the family tries to cope with the expenses of life, they try to stay in their home among pressure to leave. The mother and father divorce and are drug addicts, and the older sister tries to keep her sister and younger brothers from crime. The younger sister gets pregnant at a young age, and the younger boys turn to sex and drugs to cope.

Wildlife shows how a dysfunctional mother and father relationship effects an only child–teen boy. The boy tries to do well, adjusting to a new town and a new school, while he is overwhelmed by the parents’ dysfunctional relationship. It is difficult for the boy to deal with the fear of losing his home amidst the constant instability.