Schedule Link for Spring, 2021, Public Speaking Classes

Please read these paragraphs slowly. Read the paragraphs down, and then up, to discipline yourself to stop and focus.

This link is for my Speech 101 classes #30079, #30083, #30211–Spring, 2021 semester.


I will create this one schedule link for all three of my public speaking classes for Spring, 2021, classes. (The syllabus is on another link on this website.) This schedule will be created during the semester as students commit to days when they want to talk about:

1. Speech topics, 2. speech outlines (one at a time), and 3. speeches (one per scheduled speech day–five speeches in total over the course of the semester). This schedule will be consistently updated towards the middle and end of this page.

You must talk with me before and during the semester. You can email me at (Read the email/phone link on this website regarding Google Duo.) You MUST read my website links before class begins or during the first week of class–located on this website.

You must email me your phone number.  You must create a gmail account, and download Google Duo and Google Docs on your device. I will send you an invitation, you accept the invitation, and then we can talk during the semester. (MY EMAIL IS .)

I know we have the option of “face” and “time”, but we can just use the “voice” option. It is your choice. I realize our classes are “public speaking”, but “speech” has changed a lot in the last few years.

Currently, there are podcasts (radio-type broadcasts and downloads), edited internet audio or video downloads, web-casts, bloggers, vloggers, team meetings, in-person or virtual speeches, and various software communication. Most are average, expressing opinion, and many are worthless or a waste of time. Many are very good and worthwhile for everyone. We will be focusing on this last issue regarding research-based and credible sources. You will be the speaker and I will listen and comment.

(We will AVOID the mind-numbing commercial advertisements and evangelism that is meant to use people as products for greed.)

Most importantly, you will talk with me on the phone, one-to-one, several times during the semester, to gain understanding of this course; obviously, this communication will influence the grade you have earned in the class.

If you want to communicate with your classmates, I will provide all of my students’ Rio Hondo College emails through Canvas. It is up to you if you want to create a meeting and/or share your thoughts, speech outlines, and speeches with other students. If you are missing the peer-to-peer, in person dialogue, then choose this option.

When you schedule a time to talk with me through my email,, keep that appointment. If you want to change it, then email me as soon as you know you have to cancel. Please do not “ghost” me and assume it is okay to avoid talking with me. My days are scheduled around our scheduled conversations. I do not like it when a student schedules a time, does not answer my call, and expects me to reschedule. Be kind and respectful; a simple polite email is very helpful. If not, and a student avoids me or avoids our appointments, then I may drop him or her from the class.

In advance, if I forget to call you, email me immediately. I may have had an emergency that I could not avoid. I will email you as soon as I have the opportunity.

I will be available for your spring semester, 2021, public speaking classes during your class scheduled times and my “office hours”: 12noon-2pm and 4pm-to-6pm (everyday–unless I have an emergency or personal issue).

Scheduled dates for one-to-one communication and speeches are based on your emails to me confirming a date/time. I do NOT have scheduled dates for when assignments are due. You and I schedule assignment due dates. This schedule will be made during the semester:


I will send many emails–please read them slowly. The following schedule reveals when students talked with me after emailing me.

1 (Tuesday)–Gabriel E.–1pm, Aliza M.–2pm

2 (Wednesday)–Tyler L.–4pm 

4 (Friday)–Ashley G.–10am 

8 (Tuesday)–Alejandro D.–5pm

11 (Friday)–Sadie W.–9am

14 (Monday)–Alejandro D.–5pm (topics–2-to-3 hours)

15 (Tuesday)–Ryan S.–12noon, Misty S.–5pm 

16 (Wednesday)–Luis C.–1pm

22 (Tuesday)–Luis C.–5pm, Sadie W.–10am (topics–2-to-3 hours)

28 (Monday)–Tyler L.–3pm

29 (Tuesday)–Riki A.–4:45pm 


4 (Monday)–Ericka M.–5:30pm

8 (Friday)–Maria M.–12noon, Luis C.–5:30pm (first outline), Ian L. (8:15am)

11 (Monday)–Daniel O.–12noon

14 (Thursday)–Maria M.–12noon (topics–2-to-3 hours) 

15 (Friday)–Ben B.–5pm, Amber C.–10am

16 (Saturday)–I’m not available after 4pm

18 (Monday)–I am not available before 4pm, Alondra M.–4pm 

19 (Tuesday)–Maria M.–12noon (first speech), Dylan M.–10am, Kristian G.–2:30pm, Luis C.–5pm (first speech)

20 (Wednesday)–Abran G.–12noon, Gerardo P.–10am 

21 (Thursday)–Andrew M.–1pm, Guadalupe B.–10am

22 (Friday)–Jesus P.–2pm, Kristine–4:30pm

23 (Saturday)–Angelo O.–9am, Rocio R.–11am, Adriana L.–1pm, Starr V.–3pm

25 (Monday)–Samantha–12noon

26 (Tuesday)–Aakansh P.–1pm

27 (Wednesday)–Guadalupe R.–2pm, Jazmine S.–4pm, 

28 (Thursday)–(personal meeting from 9am to 11:30am), Andralyn M.–12noon, Alyzah H.–4pm, Ryan S.–2pm

29 (Friday)–(personal meeting from 12:00pm-to-3:30pm), Isabel V.–9am, Gisselle M.–4pm, Sandra G.–2pm 

30 (Saturday)–Rocio R.–10am (topics–2-to-3 hours), Sandra I.–3pm, Kiersten–8am 


2–(Tuesday) Rachel O.–12:30pm, Alondra M.–2:30pm (topics–2-to-3 hours) 

4–(Thursday) Rachel O.–12:30pm